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How I Can Help

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Since 2009 I have helped my clients to recognize all that they are capable of. 

I hold two licensures in the state of North Carolina and started providing therapy in 2009.  My graduate program had a specialized focus on trauma informed treatment.


Since 2009 I have sought out trainings specific to anxiety disorders, couples & relationships, trauma, depression, burnout.

I specialize in specific areas of concern while using diverse forms of treatment to ensure optimal progress. I will personalize your therapeutic process, and have many evidence based treatment techniques that I will guide you through to ensure you are making progress on your individualized goals.  I will ask for your input on what you find to be most helpful and assess for effectiveness throughout the therapeutic process.

It is not unusual for me to work with clients who have tried therapy in the past and found limited or disappointing levels of success.  I support my efforts in working with clients like these through specialized trainings and engaging in regular consultation with reputable sources.

I'd like to learn how I can help you achieve your unique therapeutic goals.  

Consider scheduling a free 15 minute consultation below to learn more about how I can help.

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