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Since 2009 I have helped my clients to recognize all that they are capable of. 

I specialize in supporting adults through trauma informed individual, group and couples therapy in the following ways:


Guiding them to significant growth after years' long struggles with debilitating anxiety


Improve their functioning and support them in facing the challenges unique to depression


Find renewed focus and energy, and decrease feelings of overwhelm resulting from burnout


Healthfully transition into new phases of life, developing new responses and strategies to respond to daily stressors and challenges

Work toward healthier relationships through effective communication and skills in self-advocacy


Renew hope that their relationships can function better, have trust and passion again, and strengthen their bond with their partner


Develop new insight into past traumas and their impact on the present moment

Learn more about how their harsh inner critic can harm their mood and outlook

Learn how to utilize practical tools to promote improved self image and esteem

I'd like to learn how I can help you achieve your unique therapeutic goals.  

Consider scheduling a free 15 minute consultation below.

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