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How effective treatment can make a difference

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Depression is often hard to define.  Perhaps you're feeling lonely, haven't been as engaged or active, are isolating or feel down or hopeless.  One of the biggest role I have is providing hope when it's hard to come by. 


I will help you to gradually build changes that support you toward the life you desire for yourself.


I will help you to be active and engaged in your life during times when it feels impossible , re-engage with those most important to you when all you feel like doing is isolating, feel less down or hopeless, and hopefully reintroduce those emotions that are far less difficult to bear.

Wwill explore your unique patterns when experiencing depression.  Step by step, paced to your needs, you will learn what is most helpful to you and receive support in navigating the complexities of depression.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help with your unique needs consider scheduling a 15 minute consultation call.


See the resources section for more information on some of the treatment techniques I use.

If you are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, thoughts that you don't want to live or actual thoughts of suicide you must seek immediate support.  

Local emergency departments have access 24/7 to licensed mental health providers trained in immediate treatment plans for mental health crises.


Learn more about how CBT can help to reduce and eliminate symptoms of depression:


Teaching you how to self soothe and influence your emotions positively:

Self-compassion skills:

Relationship support:

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