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How effective treatment can make a difference

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Because depression is such a common experience there are many helpful strategies to choose from. My clients tend to initially focus on improving their functioning, becoming more engaged in their live's again, and develop strategies to reduce feelings of sadness and/or feel more positive emotions. This is achieved by introducing methods such as behavioral activation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and emotion regulation skills.

Because depression is such a unique, individualized experience we will explore your unique patterns in thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.  Step by step, paced to your needs, you will learn what is most helpful to you and receive support in navigating the complexities of reduced motivation.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help with your unique needs consider scheduling a 15 minute consultation call.



 See the resources section for more information on some of the treatment techniques I use.

If you are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, thoughts that you don't want to live or actual thoughts of suicide you must seek immediate support.  

Local emergency departments have access 24/7 to licensed mental health providers trained in immediate treatment plans for mental health crises.


Learn more about how CBT can help to reduce and eliminate symptoms of depression:


Teaching you how to self soothe and influence your emotions positively:

Self-compassion skills:

Relationship support:

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