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Couples & Relationships

Discover relationship satisfaction, build connection, find trust, improve communication, and set healthier boundaries

Holding Hands


So many couples are stuck in repetitive patterns of poor communication, unhealthy dynamics of one pursuing while the other distances, difficulties accepting influence from one another, opposing views on the helpfulness of articulating feelings and emotions, and differing views on sex and intimacy.

The type of therapeutic environment I offer is one of openness, non judgmental, and gentle drection toward the complex truths of what is causing your dissatisfaction within your relationship.

You should expect that you will gradually gain insight into the origins and ongoing reinforcers of the problems within your relationship.  Through the gradual building of conflict resolution strategies, friendship and trust, and deepening connection through shared dreams and meaningful goals you will find greater relationship satisfaction.  This often lends itself to a sense of security through knowing you are building protective factors against the variables that too often lead to failed relationships. 

If you are confused as to where to begin consider starting with a free 15 minute consultation.  I will listen to your concerns and provide initial feedback on how I can help.  

Don't hesitate to prioritze your most meaningful relationships.  Reach out for well versed and experience driven support.


See the resources below on the Gottman Method as well as additional resources I utilize. 

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