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Treatment Methods


My most frequently used techniques are CBT focused including becoming more aware of one's thought patterns and their impact on mood and behavior.  Exposure work is used to improve functioning, address avoidance and phobias, and decrease anxiety.

I utilize a structured panic control treatment method for panic attacks.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy are both considered CBT.  These methods help with regulating emotions in an optimal way, tolerate distress, and learn the concept of acceptance of our experiences rather than pushing them away.


Trauma informed practices include trauma narratives, interventions for common responses to trauma (such as freezing) including grounding techniques, and integrating the importance of recognizing and responding to dysregulation.  These are all evidence based strategies common to treatment of trauma related concerns such as PTSD. 


For couples, the Gottman Institute is my primary resource for interventions and assessment tools.  These strategies are also appropriate for many other types of relationships (communication, active listening).  The Gottman Institute has been the leader in couple's work for several decades. I also have trainings in specialized areas of focus including codependency, affairs, forgiveness, and common sex problems in relationships.

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Mindfulness and self-compassion skills are very helpful with preoccupation with worries, fears, regrets, etc.  Mindfulness teaches us how to be more aware of our present moment experiences, non judgmentally.


Self-compassion specifically teaches you how to respond to yourself in a more thoughtful way that incorporates self-kindness and common humanity.


Groups are open meaning anyone can join at anytime.  Previous group topics include how to effectively make positive behavior changes, Acceptance and Commitment, Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. 

Groups runs biweekly on Wednesday evenings and are capped at a small number of participants.


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